[rescue] Wanted: Graphics card and drive sled for RS/6000 7046-B50

Andrew Warkentin andreww591 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 21:32:27 CDT 2010

Jonathan Patschke wrote:
> The handbook for that system[0] only lists the GXT130P in the adapter
> placement guide.  That means this is the only graphics adapter IBM
> supported in that system, but there are possibly other ones that would
> work.  I ran several unsupported graphics adapters in my 43P-150, which,
> IIRC, is the same machine with possibly different firmware.
> I don't have a spare one, but you'd probably want either GXT135P, 
> GXT130P,
> or GXT150P graphics for that system.  Of the three, the GXT135P is the
> fastest, and it's not very fast.  I'm not entirely convinced that
> AIXwindows even uses the 2D acceleration of the Matrox chipset.
Would a GXT2000P work? There's some on eBay for relatively cheap. It 
works in the 43P-150, and it only takes up one slot, so I don't see any 
reason why it wouldn't work in the 7046-B50 (unless there would be 
problems with cooling, but I don't think that would be very likely).

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