[rescue] Oracle Solaris may not be "free as in beer" going forward

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Wed Mar 31 17:37:25 CDT 2010

> My own opinions are:
> (a) Sun needs to make money from licenses and support;
> (b) hobbyists like us are valuable contributors, in terms of
>     - testing,
>     - bug-reports, and
>     - convincing their friends and employers to use Sun HW and Solaris.
> So Oracle needs to find a way to achieve the former without alienating
> the latter.  I hope they think this through more carefully.

I hope they do.

I thought Oracle had learned the lesson that letting everyone get 
familiar with your software is a Good Thing. If I have been 
experimenting with and using Oracle in a situation where support is not 
a requirement, that certainly means that I am more inclined to recommend 
the purchase of Oracle over something that I am not so familiar with 
when commercial support is required. An honestly the places I have 
worked would not use software (OS or database) without support.

Maybe they only jumped on the OSS bandwagon (Linux, OCFS2, etc.) because 
at the time they did not have their own OS?


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