[rescue] usenet, scotch & weapons

Tom Manos tmanos at concursive.com
Mon Mar 29 11:02:04 CDT 2010


Some of my favorite subjects!

I'm with you! I would hope that we've learned from the first one, but who
knows. I'd also hope that we wouldn't need so many groups (including some
really weird ones) that a renaming would be necessary.

More scotch is always good and welcome. Is there a rescue list for old

Unfortunately, there are always Mark Ethan Smiths around. Heck, people like
that are part of the fun! It's important not to take people like that or ones
self too seriously. Seriously, the benefits of a semi-private network is that
we wouldn't need to tolerate fools.

More weapons are also always good, for a variety of reasons I probably need
not go into.

Any time you get more than one person together to try to agree on something,
there are bound to be problems. This appears to be a pretty good group of
folks, but some of us are sure to have strong opinions. Beware!

Sorry for rambling.


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Rich Kulawiec opined:

I'm game.  But good lord, if we have to go through The Great Renaming
again, I'm going to need more scotch.  Much much more scotch.

And if Mark Ethan Smith shows up, I'm reaching for weapons.


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