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Wed Mar 24 21:02:07 CDT 2010

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>Subj:	rescue Digest, Vol 88, Issue 17

>From: "John Lengeling" <John.Lengeling at radisys.com>
>Subject: Re: [rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 88, Issue 11
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> Heck, I've been wanting to set up a VAXNotes (or just Notes, now ...)
> scenario on the hobbyist DECNet I'm on, so .... :)

>I miss Notes!

>We had a Notes feed from UIUC (University of Illinois Champaign Urbana)
>to Bradley University where I went to school and worked.  I maintained

If you're interested John, contact me off list.  Real VAX/Alpha/Itanium
hardware, or emulated VAXen and Alphas are welcome on the hobbyist DECNet I'm
on. (it's called HECNet).  Another "system manager" and I are about 1-2 months
away from setting up a NOTES arrangement for the exclusive use of users and
nodes on HECNet.   There is a mailing list established, but we're thinking
that if you're "on the network" why not use it? :)   It's meant as a "adjunct"
or addition to the mailing list and is in no way meant to replace it.

As an aside, I've recently been bitten by the Hercules (mainframe emulator)
bug again, and have been playing around with MVS 3.8J, VM/370, and MUSIC/SP. 
My ultimate goal is to get MVS 3.8J and MUSIC/SP running under VM/370 ... not
so sure about MUSIC as the most "current" incarnation wants 390 mode ... would
also love to have TCP/IP support or IUCV instruction support so MUSIC could
support TCP on Linux .... *drool*   **So** much stuff to play with, so little
time .... :)

OK, enough thread drifting ... :)


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