[rescue] Looking for SGI Meta Router

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed Mar 24 09:50:49 CDT 2010

> Also, just an FYI, I was there for the dismantling of the T94 system (Zeta,
> if I recall correctly).  There were several drums of fluorinert coolant that
> I really really really wanted but they woudn't let me have em.  It really

I think I know someone with some of that, and it sounded like it could be 
mine if I signed off on the paperwork, but I think it's a CFC and 
controlled or something?

Also, I swear there was a guy with a huge chunk of blue mountain for sale. 
He had sets of 8 origins and the metarouters trying to hock them, and was 
in New Mexico.

> know of.  Blue Mountain was kept in a whole other building.  I used to walk
> from the parking lot to my office along a path next to that building, right
> next to the 3 or 4 cooling units.  They were probably standard chillers but
> they were down in the ground on the other side of a fence where you couldn't

Pretty cool. When I was in high school I saw the two Crays at NASA through 
the window. I don't remember it too well.

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