[rescue] Looking for some parts for my Sun Enterprise 4500 (RAM, disk brackets, FC disks...)

Brian Deloria bdeloria at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 17:50:30 CDT 2010

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 5:00 PM, Mr Ian Primus <ian_primus at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I'm currently working on piecing together this Sun Enterprise 4500 I've
accumulated. Currently I have it set up with six CPU boards, one PCI I/O
board, and the primary I/O board. 12 400 mhz processors! I'm looking for a few
> - 256meg RAM modules, sun P/N 501-5658
> These have to be installed in kits of eight, making 2gig per kit. I'm four
 kits short from being able to fully populate the machine.
> - Sun "SPUD" disk brackets
> These are the same brackets used in many other Suns, I've got two A5000's
I'm trying to populate, and I'm about ten brackets short.
> - 146 and 72 gig FC disks
> To replace the 9's in one of the A5000's...
> - Fibre channel cable, "small connector" to "large connector". I'm not 100%
sure of what the connectors are really called, LC and SC I think. The A5000's
have the larger style fibre optic connectors on them, as does one of my PCI
HBA's. But the other one (Emulex) has a smaller connector about half the

The pictures on wikipedia are going to be your friend on this.  LC
being the smaller on say a LP-9002 to a regular gbic (SC?) on the
back.  I've gotten cheap cables from monoprice that have worked fine
for me, two caveats though.  First is that the cable diameters felt
physically thinner than a regular Sun SC-SC.  The second thing is that
they may be having some issues with credit cards being stolen.  Those
were the cheapest functional cables I found.  You can also swap the
optical gbic's out for copper as well.

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