[rescue] Old school usenet

Tom Manos tmanos at concursive.com
Tue Mar 23 12:42:19 CDT 2010

Also thanks for the follow-ups on the idea of a community based on some old
school stuff, like usenet.

If there is real interest, and others want to participate more seriously than
just pointing a news reader at my INN server, I'm ready. I don't think I
intended to say that this should be "by invite" only, just that it shouldn't
be open to the huns. Not sure what the best method of accomplishing that would

What I am interested in is a system that sort of enforces the old USENET
Etiquette principles, aiming for near 100% information content and near 0%
spam and other crap.

Although I originally thought of the thing as mostly for technical groups, I'm
not sure I still think that.

Comments? How much interest is there, really?

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