[rescue] Making an Ultra-60 quieter

Andrew Gaylard ag at computer.org
Mon Mar 22 14:32:36 CDT 2010

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 6:00 PM, Scott Newell <newell at cei.net> wrote:
> At 10:33 AM 3/22/2010, Andrew Gaylard wrote:
>> However, I've become more aware of the noise this beast
>> generates.  For a full day of work, it's a bit exhausting.
>> Do any rescuers have any suggestions on how to quieten it?
> There was a noise control option for the U60.  I've asked about it here
> before, but I don't recall getting any response.  Google shows it to be
> 595-5364, and usenet leads me to think it may be a waste of time.

Thanks for the tip.  I see from


that there's a "Voltage Regulated Fan Power Cable".  If that's all that's
in the kit, then couldn't I just go get something similar from the nearest
PC-shop-round-the-corner?  Or is there more to it?

> The PCI bay fan went wonky on one of mine years ago, so I removed it.  It
> did make it quieter, and I've not had any issues with the machine since.
>  But I'm not running any framebuffer or PCI cards, and this machine only
> one drive, one cpu, and 512MB.

Yeah, I think I'd be pushing my luck if I did that.  I have 2GB RAM, 2 disks,
2 400MHz CPUs, and an elite-3D framebuffer.

- Andrew

PS: Interestingly, none of the sites, include sunsolve, mention that 400MHz
CPUs work in these boxes.  But they do, I've got "booting proof"!

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