[rescue] Making an Ultra-60 quieter

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Mon Mar 22 11:00:01 CDT 2010

At 10:33 AM 3/22/2010, Andrew Gaylard wrote:
>Hello rescuers,
>For a couple of years, my main machine at home has been an
>Ultra-60, the parts for which several list members generously
>However, I've become more aware of the noise this beast
>generates.  For a full day of work, it's a bit exhausting.
>Do any rescuers have any suggestions on how to quieten it?

There was a noise control option for the U60.  I've asked about it 
here before, but I don't recall getting any response.  Google shows 
it to be 595-5364, and usenet leads me to think it may be a waste of time.

The PCI bay fan went wonky on one of mine years ago, so I removed 
it.  It did make it quieter, and I've not had any issues with the 
machine since.  But I'm not running any framebuffer or PCI cards, and 
this machine only has one drive, one cpu, and 512MB.


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