[rescue] Making an Ultra-60 quieter

Andrew Gaylard ag at computer.org
Mon Mar 22 10:33:49 CDT 2010

Hello rescuers,

For a couple of years, my main machine at home has been an
Ultra-60, the parts for which several list members generously

However, I've become more aware of the noise this beast
generates.  For a full day of work, it's a bit exhausting.

Do any rescuers have any suggestions on how to quieten it?

So far, I can only think of replacing the fans with thermally-
controlled ones.  I'm assuming they're responsible for most
of the noise.  The disk noise is audible, but less of a worry.

Any other clever/relatively inexpensive ideas?

Since I work on the (X) console, putting the thing in another
room isn't really a solution...

- Andrew

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