[rescue] reset firmware password on sun blade 150

Nicolai nicolai-rescue at chocolatine.org
Wed Mar 17 15:56:03 CDT 2010

Hey all,

Before doing this, I just wanted to make sure the following procedure is
SunHELP approved.  Of the numerous solutions I found online, the
following seems like it may be the way to go:


Response #3:

  1) At the OK Prompt type banner, and jot down Ethernet address and

  Ethernet address will be 8 0 20 nn nn nn

  Hostid will be 80nnnnnn

  In step 8, just enter the nnnnnn part not the 80 part

  2) Open the hood

  3) Remove the NVRAM

  4) Plug the NVRAM in backwards

  5) Apply power for 2 seconds

  #This will erases the contents

  6) Reinstall the nvram properly

  7) Turn on power again

  8) Enter in new NVRAM parameters:

  ok 0 0 mkp

  ok 8 0 20 nn nn nn hostid mkpl



  ok banner

  9) This should have reset the contents without the password.

  If it still complains, try step 4-8 again

And voil`.

I don't have experience with Sparc-64 (only a lowly IPX, ages ago,
sniff!), so I just wanted to be sure before proceeding.

Is this a good / the right solution?  Please advise!


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