[rescue] 9gb 50 Pin SCSI 3.5" drive needed

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sat Mar 13 20:43:49 CST 2010

> For some odd reason, I thought I had a box full of 50 pin drives and
> they must have been a casualty of my recent purge.

> Anybody have one lying about unloved?  I can trade various flavors of
> 9gb SCA drives for it.

I think most of my 50-pin drives are smaller than that, but I'll have a
look.  How big do you actually need it to be (eg, min sector count)?  I
know I have some drives of _some_ sort that are in the 8-9GB range for
at least some values of GB, so I'm wondering which ones might be
suitable if they turn out to be 50-pin.

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