[rescue] System/36 5362 - Need Floppy Info

Martin Marshall martinm at allwest.net
Thu Mar 4 14:31:29 CST 2010

I just rescued an IBM 5362 System/36 computer and am gathering information
and supplies for it.  Therefore, I have a few questions for the list:

What type of floppy is used in the 8" floppy drive?  IBM has Disk 1 (assumed
to be sssd), Disk 2 (dssd ?), and Disk 2D (dsdd ?)?

Does anyone on the list have floppies of software for this system and a
method to copy the floppies?

Does anyone have a twinax terminal for this system?  I am gathering pieces
(122 key keyboard, so far), but I thought I would ask.

The system is in good shape, since it has been in a doctor's office since
new, but was shutdown before 1999, becoming a fax stand.  The manuals were
in the case.  No passwords are known and no floppies have been found.  Any
computers with 5250 interfaces are long gone.  I think that I can boot SSP
off the floppy and be able to examine the secuid0 file to find passwords.

If anyone has any tips, tricks, etc., please post them.

Thank you,
Martin Marshall
Evanston, WY

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