[rescue] PC-133 ECC RAM + SCSI drives

James C james at frantech.ca
Wed Jun 30 01:57:08 CDT 2010

I have 6 sticks of PC133 256MB ECC RAM kicking around after my Netra bit 
the dust. Anybody interested in these?
I also have 2 512MB PC133 ECC sticks if those are useful.

I have sitting here 2x 36.7GB U160 SCSI (Quantum ATLAS V) drives, and 2x 
4.3GB SCSI-3 (Compaq DDRS-34560 21L9443) drives, the remains of a Netra 
X1 (board & CPU), as well as a miscellaneous AMD and Intel parts 
(processors, a few heatsinks), various sticks of RAM (10+ PC-100/133, 8+ 
128MB RDRAM, 10+ DDR, and a few DDR2 sticks).

Let me know if you want to trade or buy anything. :)

James C.<james[at]frantech.ca>
Frantech Solutions Head of Staff
+1 (937) 839 2253

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