[rescue] Wanted: 13 68pin SE SCSI disks, 9GB 3.5" would be fine

Scott Quinn saquinn624 at aol.com
Tue Jun 29 13:59:11 CDT 2010

I have one of those gigantic DEC drive arrays with the blue/green bricks
that are 4G or 9G each. Not using it.. I'm pretty sure they are SE narrow,
but don't know the pin count. I can take a look when I get to work. If that
would work, I can hook you up with a few of those.

You can kind of tell - if there are no interface modules (i.e. the cable goes
directly to the backplane of the disk shelf) then it is definitely narrow
drives. If there are removable modules then the shelf supports wide drives and
it could be either.

The model number will tell you - RZ(xx)-VA are narrow drives, RZ(xx)-VW are
wide drives. On the SBB modules the SCSI logo also shows the config. It will
have F(something) for Fast SCSI (F10 or F20 usually) and above it the transfer
speed in MegaBytes/sec (20/F10 is Fast-Wide, 40/F20 is Ultra/Wide, 10/F10 is

I'd love to get another couple of RZ1 -derived SBBs, since they have the SCA
adaptor instead of a customized 50 or 68 pin setup (that you often need to cut
traces on to use other drives).

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