[rescue] Parsytec MC-3 Parallel System

Bob Krzaczek krz at cis.rit.edu
Tue Jun 29 11:10:30 CDT 2010

Having been the recipient of some recent good will, I'm going to try and 
keep this ball rolling.  "Paying it forward," if you will.

36 node Parsytec parallel computer, in three MC-3 cabinets.  Each 
cabinet weighs somewhere around 65 lbs, and is about 9-1/2" high, 22" 
wide, and 23-1/2" deep.  They stack, of course.

Each MC-3 contains 12 TPM-MPC processor boards.  Each board has a T805 
Transputer, a PPC 604, and 32 MB local RAM.  There's a spare (37th) 
board, too.

All the manuals, all the cabling.  Software, too, and I'll throw in the 
Exabyte 8mm tape drive that the software is on.

These were the systems with the programmable backplanes.  You could 
arrange your processors in a star, a cube, daisy chain, etc.  Pretty 
cool.  Heck, I'll even fish around and dig up the Axil (SPARCstation 5 
clone) system that front-ended it, if you want.  :-)

Come on, you know you want to... *laugh*


Bob Krzaczek, Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science, RIT
phone +1-585-4757196, email krz at cis.rit.edu, icbm 43.0848N 77.6789W

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