[rescue] my $work has some available jobs posted

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 20 11:06:33 CDT 2010

Folks -
I've seen some folks mention that they are caught in the economics of late.
My $work has posted a few jobs to the public - I'm not HR -just passing along what I know.
Some are in Chicago IL - some are in the DFW area.
Please don't send emails via the list emails about these - what's posted is all I know.  If you'd like send me a private email. Don't want Mr Bill's email server to get clogged etc <grin> - after all he was gracious enough to let me post this.
Maybe somebody on the lists can benefit from one of these....

DBA - intel server admins - data center ops - network engineer - system analyst.

If anybody is in one of these two geographical areas - send me a private email & I'll give you the $work public www.  Bonafide verafiable list folks only - no body shops. 

ft worth tx

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