[rescue] DEC PDP-11 and Workstation Collection in Ottawa, Canada

Philippe Vachon philippe at cowpig.ca
Wed Jun 16 22:26:14 CDT 2010

Hi Folks,

Unfortunately, life circumstances require that I have to get rid of my
collection of computer hardware I've built up over the years. I would like to
see it go to a good home (or a few good homes). Though, I would like to avoid
shipping this, for cost and logistical reasons, so I'm going to say that these
items are all free if you come and pick them up. That's right, all you have to
do is come get it.

What I have is:

* PDP-11/34 (with RX211)
* PDP-11/23 (Various weird ADCs, an AED50 drive controller and drive chassis)
	-- Emulates an RX02 and an RL02; can format RX02 disks (!!!)
	-- full developer documentation for ADCs (ADAC Corporation)
* PDP-11/23+ (RQDX2) - used for controlling ventillation at Carleton U.
* PDP-11/73 (RQDX3, some SMD controller, RXV21, an ESDI controller), 4MB RAM
	-- Runs RSTS/E
* PDP-11/23 (RQDX3, weird display card from Peritek) -- ran a Sonotherm
Ultrasound Device
	-- Pedestal case (BA23)

RX02 (without rack rails), cabling included
Fujitsu M2322K, in the rack
DEC H960 rack

CDC 9-Track Drive (The only non-functional bit -- it seems it has a dead PSU)

Various drives are installed in machines, ranging from 100+ MB ESDI drives
(for the 11/73) to 10-25 MB hard disks (11/23s).

Plessey dumb terminal (faux VT100)

All cabling I can find (various serial cables, drive interconnection cables,
even power cables!) are included.

Boxes and boxes of 8" floppy disks. Some even unopened!

Various manuals (ADCs, RT-11 V4.00 manual set, complete with quick reference
manuals, various memory/board manuals)

All hardware was fully functional (unless otherwise noted), and booted to an
OS when last powered on!

SGI Hardware:
* Octane 2 - 2x, blue skins -- 400MHz R12000, at least 1 GB RAM, V6.
							both have drive sleds.
* Origin 200 - 1x, 300MHz R10000, 512 MB RAM, DAT drive, 9GB hard disk
* Indy R5000 150MHz, 24-bit Newport Graphics, 128 MB RAM, 4 GB disk

HP Hardware:
* HP 712/80 (I don't recall any other details about it, has RAM though)
* HP J6000 (dual 552MHz PA-8600), 1 GB RAM, 1x9GB disk in sled
* HP C3600 (single 552MHz PA-8600), 1 GB RAM, 2x9GB disk in sleds

* AlphaStation 255/300MHz, had a pile of disks and such, but I can't recall

Drop me an email if you want to arrange a pick up time for any of these items.
I'll hold on to things on a first-come first-serve basis, but I won't reserve
parts of any of these! I want to give away the full, working thing for someone
else to enjoy.

All this is in Ottawa, Canada.


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