[rescue] Trade? (I have a sun b1600 w/ blades)

kyle kyle000 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 22:20:09 CDT 2010

I have a sun b1600 blade center. Ugly duckling(the chassis has dings),
but working 100%. Comes with 4 b100s blades(2gig RAM, 650MHz ea) with
fresh Solaris9 installs(I would have installed sol10, but my jumpstart
server hasnt been updated in awhile). Also comes with dual AC and one
switch module. Everything is working, and passwd will be supplied for

I am looking for some items:

Amiga computer(prefer a a1200, but open to any)
Lacie etherdisk (or something similar; Im looking for a rackmount 1u
device, which isnt too deep)
Compaq/HP m700 laptop(older p2/p3 laptop)

And, I am always looking for Sun ss20's :)

If you have anything on my want list, but aren't interested in the
b1600, maybe we can work something else out. I could also optionally
part out the b1600 if you dont want the chassis to cut down on
shipping costs. I am in the northeast(I know this is broad, but I am
literally all over the NE). Also, I prefer a trade, so no $$ offers.

please reply directly, as I get the digest so may not see your reply
if you send to the list.


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