[rescue] Help in reconfiguring Flexline680 (SUN/STK) array

Steve Costaras stevecs at chaven.com
Sat Jun 12 07:09:52 CDT 2010

Ok, still fighting this issue but have gone a bit further.   Still no 
documentation but managed to find out a couple things (for others who 
may be in the same boat).

username    password
cse        cse
maint      maint
admin      admin
query      query
user       user
wbem       ????
factory    ????
dev        ????
ocelot     ????

the cse account from the web interface seems to give you much of the day 
to day access (reconfigure luns/volumes/hosts/interfaces et al).   
However it does not
let you change disk sets as far as I can tell.   I have a bunch of disks 
that were in a boxed state.   Managed to initialize them to the 
directors (controllers)
and they now show up as 'available' but they are not in 'assigned' 
status which they need to be for the array to use them.

The cse account does let you log in (ssh) to the busybox linux shell 
directly and I see that there is a file in /etc/stk/driveset.conf that 
appears to be what needs to be modified for new drives but that's owned 
by root which I don't have access to.

I've seen some references that the ocelot account /may/ have more privs 
for doing things but can't find a password for that account.

Found a configure script /opt/stk/bin/configure which su's and runs 
/opt/stk/bin/configure.sh to allow you to change the IP's et al on the 
unit.   However it does not appear to change anything but that.

I have two Flexline 680's, one I am in as above, the other is running 
the httpd service however it is not bound to a port so you can't access 
it via the web, perhaps it was never configured?   Any pointers on how 
to do that would be helpful.

Also with the 'admin' shell login you get a custom shell 'ozadmin' but 
there is no help.   Any command reference would be useful if anyone can 
find one or remembers any commands.

So at this point I'm really needing to find out how to get drives from 
'available' to 'assigned' status (attached to each director)  and a 
second issue to get a base level of configuration (web gui) started on 
the other flexline.


On 05/19/2010 20:09, Steve Costaras wrote:
> Hello-
> I've been directed here from another forum.   I've acquired some
> old STK/Sun Flexline 680&  600 FC/SATA san units.   These units are
> already configured/working and I can see the luns (looks to be 
> configured as
> RAID0 / luns of 1TB each in size except for a couple).   Anyway, I have
> been trying to find any manuals on them or other documentation to get in
> and manage the units.
> Basically what I'm looking to do is re-configure the luns (size and raid
> type if possible); Upgrade firmware (these are several years old and
> from the looks of the attached servers nothing has ever been patched); 
> monitor them.
> The problems I am running into are:
> - I can find no links to any manuals at all (anyone have one or a pdf 
> of one?).
> - I find reference to some array software but can't find the actual 
> software anywhere.   I'm assuming that I would need this to 
> re-configure the luns (i.e. nothing that can be done via the generic 
> scsi driver under linux (what these are attached to) or the ethernet 
> port directly (i.e. web page).
> - How to break in to reset passwords or whatnot on the ethernet port 
> so as to accomplish the above.
> Like I said pointers would be enough, I know this is old tech but I
> can't just shrug off ~40TB raw of storage for a test/lab if I can get it
> working/reconfigured to my needs.
> Thanks
> Steve
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