[rescue] Linksys / Cisco SRW2024 and SR2024

Patrick Giagnocavo xemacs5 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 17:36:10 CDT 2010

I thought they were Web-only switches?

The issue is that these will mark various ports as having different
roles/capabilities automatically.   Kind of a stupid idea, IMHO, but
the plan was to automatically set appropriate defaults based on
various criteria - if you plug a Cisco IP phone into it, it will
automatically detect it and assign it to the voice VLAN, for example.

So you should try to maybe connect up the link to the router on a
couple different ports and see if it gets DHCP at that point.

I last worked with one about 3 years ago.  They were crap (but maybe
newer firmware is better).


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