[rescue] Linksys / Cisco SRW2024 and SR2024

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Fri Jun 11 11:41:30 CDT 2010

Anybody have experience with either of these two types of switches?
I've got 2 of each r (there is a CISCO trade in that was going on, dug
these up to trade in...)
On 3 of the 4, all 24 GIg ports link up (at least) when connecting to
another Cisco switch...according to the lights on both sides.

On the SRW2024's I can't seem to get a console connection, nor can I
get in via IP (don't know the state of the IP config)
I've tried directly connecting with USB-Serial devices, Serial direct
(from my laptop here at work) and have gotten a new straight-through 9
pin serial cable.
No dice.    I tried connecting it to a part of my network that has
DHCP, but didn't see it acquire a lease either...

On the SR2024's, I've got two odd results (but haven't really tried
hard testing of either yet).  One has 4 ports that the status lights
always stay lit.
The ports show connection when connected to another switch (at least
according to the other switch).    The other had some bad caps...I've
all 13 of the ones that were all of the same type / manufacturer.
There are some larger ones that I haven't replaced yet, but replacing
just the ones with
the popped tops got it to book, and 20 of the 24 ports to show Gig link.

Just wondering how much time to invest.... I'll probably make 3 of
them available if I can get one of the SRW2024's working...

Let me know if you're interested and / if you can point me towards any
ideas how to get into the consoles...



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