[rescue] Free Solbourne systems in Baltimore

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Mon Jun 7 15:42:14 CDT 2010

I have two Solbourne 500 Series systems that need a home.  These
have been sitting on a shelf for years waiting for me to have time
to play with them.  With a baby on the way that seems increasingly

These are the smaller desktop/deskside chassis.  Each one has:
    1) Series 5 CPU board
    2) 32MB memory board
    3) I/O board (scsi, serial, mouse, kbd, etc)
    4) CG30 video board

I also have some extra KBus boards for the chassis.
    2x Series 5+ CPU boards
    2x Series 6 CPU boards
    1x 128MB memory board
    2x MCAB boards (extra SCSI, ethernet and an VME bus)
    Several extra memory boards (unsure of the density)


I no longer have disks for them but you can use normal single-ended
SCSI drives (or high voltage differential with the MCAB).  Keep in
mind that OS/MP has the same disk size limitations as SunOS 4.x.

I have OS/MP installation media somewhere that I will track down
if someone is interested in these.

 - todd

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