[rescue] FS: Sun Blade 2000 2x900 XVR-1000 8GB

Bill Green bill at supposedly.org
Mon Jun 7 14:41:02 CDT 2010

Hello all,

I'm moving cross-continent soon and can't take my Blade 2000 with me.
It's a lovely machine; I used it as my primary workstation for a while 
in 2007-8, but since then I haven't been doing as much with it as I 
would like.  Functionally perfect, and very good cosmetically (a few 
scuffs here and there and some stickers / residue).

I paid too much for it a few years ago and would like to recover at 
least something, but I don't know what the current value of these really 
is, so I'm open to offers.

It has the following:

2x900 MHz US-IIIcu processors
2x 15k FC-AL disks (I believe these are 36 GB each, but they may be 18. 
I'll have to check)
XVR-1000 graphics
SunPCI III (800 MHz, have to check on the RAM)
SCSI DVD-ROM, Smart Card reader
Torque wrench for the processor modules!

Will do a clean install of the OS of your choice, and I'll throw in an 
extra FC-AL disk and an Elite m3 UPA graphics board, if anyone's 
interested. NB that the non-Sun firmware on the extra drive doesn't play 
nice with the disks that are currently in the machine.

I'm located in 32301 and am willing to ship, but be warned that it's 
quite heavy (>50 lbs, I'd estimate).


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