[rescue] Anyone in Houston?

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Mon Jun 7 13:20:56 CDT 2010

Heya, there is a pinball machine part that is listing on Houston 
craigslist, and the seller isn't interested in unscrewing the piece off 
the top and shipping it.


How much would it cost to buy that through anyone on the list, and have 
the plastic parts shipped off the top? It's the dalek, the plastic box for 
it, a circuit board that has like 4 light bulbs and maybe a wire harness 
that hangs down.

I don't need the wooden back box, you might be able to sell that on a 
pinball forum.

It's kind of random. I bought a pinball machine over the weekend and 
someone had removed that from the one I have.

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