[rescue] Sun E4500 SCSI weirdness

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Sun Jun 6 15:10:58 CDT 2010

ian_primus at yahoo.com writes:

>I'm only trying to use one device (and the internal DVD, of course). I'm using a Sun 611 drive enclosure. I've tried different cables, different enclosures, different drives, using a terminator, not using a terminator (The 611 is self-terminating), etc.

Hanging any external devices off the scsi controller on the first
io board is not recommended.

Have you tried putting your scsi drive in the other internal bay,
where a dat drive typically goes? That's what I do with my compute
server E4000's, because I don't want to dedicate an array to them...

(Also probably not recommended, but has worked fine for me.)

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