[rescue] RS/6000 & AIX

Charles Monett camonett at woh.rr.com
Mon Jul 26 12:27:56 CDT 2010

Mike F wrote:
> I recently rescued an IBM 44P Model 170. I'm totally new to this platform, so
> I have a few initial questions for the collective.
> - Is eBay pretty much the best/only way to get media for AIX? I see 5.1 is
> available from several sellers, but ideally I'd like to run the latest version
> possible, which seems to be AIX 5.3. Anyone on the list happen to have media
> for 5.2 or 5.3?
> - The machine still has an installation of AIX, but it's looking for an NIS
> server and never gets any further, at least after several hours and thousands
> of messages on the console log. So, do I have any options here that wouldn't
> require media and a fresh install of AIX?
> - I don't have a key for this machine, is that going to cause me problems?
> - Prior to getting AIX up and running, is there any way to list the hardware
> specs of the machine?
> - Mike
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First set of your questions:
Not sure on legality regarding media, but I did not have to go through 
E-Bay as a sole "vendor/reseller".  5.3 is the highest that is supported 
for that machine, AFAIK.

That model should not require a key to operate, at least in the same way 
older ones used them.

If you have a null modem cable, you should be able to get that 
information via serial console. 9600baud, 8N1 should bring it up.  From 
there, power up, wait, then press/hold 1 when it does the "RS/6000" 
banner.  It should get you to where you can get the specifications you need.

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