[rescue] Indy NVRAM DS1386

Oscar oscar at cctvmovil.com
Thu Jul 22 21:50:20 CDT 2010


My old 1386 is out of battery, so my MAC address gets corrupted, the rest of 
the system works fine indeed.
I bought the 1386 and gave it to a friend for programming, I also gave him the 
old one to read the data and write it to the new one, just as you did.
But this is as far as I go by now, after powering up the Indy with the new 
1386 installed, nothing happens, no sound or video, no disk spinning, just the 
red light on the Indy's front.
As I'm out of ideas and references, I think my next move will be opening the 
old 1386 replacing the battery.
Looks like it may work. 
I will look for the correct battery this weekend.

Good luck with yours...


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