[rescue] $ for repair to 35 line X11 complete program

George Wyche gw at citasystems.com
Thu Jul 22 19:02:41 CDT 2010

I'm in a hurry to go watch the last mountain stage of the Tour De France.


Back later

The format is "almost" perfect on the website

der Mouse wrote:
>> I have a 32 line X11, complete program, that I cannot debug.  [...]
> Well, I'd like to think I know something about X.  I'll have a quick
> look; 32 lines of code can't be _that_ bad.
>> Change:
>> template.visualid = 32;
>> to match YOUR pseudocolor visual.
> While this may be fine for this case, you do know how to use
> XMatchVisualInfo to find whatever PseudoColor visuals may be
> available, I hope?
>> The result is ALWAYS BadRequest.
> That indicates a critical problem somewhere.  This is not a problem
> with XStoreColor per se; it is a problem somewhere else that
> XStoreColor is tickling.  A Request error means that the opcode in a
> request is invalid.  I suppose it's conceivable that the Solaris 10
> server doesn't support the StoreColor opcode, but that strikes me as
> rather unlikely; far more likely is that something else is going wrong.
> The problem could even be something completely unrelated to XStoreColor
> and that just happens to be the call during which it is discovered.
> (Without looking at the code - see below - I can't tell whether you
> have synchronous behaviour turned on or not.)
> I don't really expect to see the problem myself.  But I expect I can
> walk you through collecting enough data for me to have some hope of
> figuring out what's wrong, even if you're not yet familiar with the
> relevant tools.
>> Posting the program ALWAYS  ends  up with mis formatting, so please
>> find the prog at
>> http://www.io.com/~cjwyche/2010/20100718/20100718.html
> <p>The requested URL /~cjwyche/2010/20100718/20100718.html was not found on this server.</p>
> I'm not sure what's wrong, nor which end it's on.
> It's only 32 lines; try mailing it to me?  I can probably patch up any
> email damage manually....
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