[rescue] $ for repair to 35 line X11 complete program

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Jul 21 22:47:40 CDT 2010

> I have a 32 line X11, complete program, that I cannot debug.  [...]

Well, I'd like to think I know something about X.  I'll have a quick
look; 32 lines of code can't be _that_ bad.

> Change:

> template.visualid = 32;

> to match YOUR pseudocolor visual.

While this may be fine for this case, you do know how to use
XMatchVisualInfo to find whatever PseudoColor visuals may be
available, I hope?

> The result is ALWAYS BadRequest.

That indicates a critical problem somewhere.  This is not a problem
with XStoreColor per se; it is a problem somewhere else that
XStoreColor is tickling.  A Request error means that the opcode in a
request is invalid.  I suppose it's conceivable that the Solaris 10
server doesn't support the StoreColor opcode, but that strikes me as
rather unlikely; far more likely is that something else is going wrong.
The problem could even be something completely unrelated to XStoreColor
and that just happens to be the call during which it is discovered.
(Without looking at the code - see below - I can't tell whether you
have synchronous behaviour turned on or not.)

I don't really expect to see the problem myself.  But I expect I can
walk you through collecting enough data for me to have some hope of
figuring out what's wrong, even if you're not yet familiar with the
relevant tools.

> Posting the program ALWAYS  ends  up with mis formatting, so please
> find the prog at
> http://www.io.com/~cjwyche/2010/20100718/20100718.html

<p>The requested URL /~cjwyche/2010/20100718/20100718.html was not found on this server.</p>

I'm not sure what's wrong, nor which end it's on.

It's only 32 lines; try mailing it to me?  I can probably patch up any
email damage manually....

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