[rescue] $ for repair to 35 line X11 complete program

George Wyche gw at citasystems.com
Wed Jul 21 22:25:50 CDT 2010

I definitely need a rescue!

I have a 32 line X11, complete program, that I cannot debug. Make this 
program work on Solaris 10 and I'll pay you many US Dollars.

I keep bumping the topic on SunForums (originally posted in April), but 
in spite of 300+ reads, not one single reply has been made. I decided 
that X11 is soooo old that nobody at that forum has the slightest interest.

The program demonstrates XStoreColor failure that has baffled me for 
months now.

I am seeking suggestions about how to overcome this. I have a 
SunBlade1000 with Solaris 10. I use xdpyinfo to pick a pseudocolor 
visual, 0x20 = 32 decimal in my case. I've run the program at work on 
SunBlade100 with Solaris 8 and gotten an equally screwy printout.


template.visualid = 32;

to match YOUR pseudocolor visual.

I have tried many things, many pseudocolor visuals, forcing them to be 
the default one and not. I've tried private color maps and not. I've 
tried XAllocColorCells and XAllocColorCell. I have tried as root. The 
result is ALWAYS BadRequest.

Posting the program ALWAYS  ends  up with mis formatting, so please find 
the prog at http://www.io.com/~cjwyche/2010/20100718/20100718.html

It compiles via  gcc trouble.c -lX11

Also contact me offline if you need more particulars.

George Wyche
gwyche at io.com

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