[rescue] Sun stuff - free?

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Mon Jul 12 14:50:34 CDT 2010

> Given the age - those could be BigMAC (BE) cards.  The driver was
> dropped in Solaris 7 and newer.

Doesn't matter to me; I'm running NetBSD, not Solaris.

> I had an old SS1000 with one of those little devils.

> ...or they could be early Happy Meals.

I've got an hme or two, but I also have enough machines that could
benefit from >10Mbit that it'd be worth covering shipping to me to get
these, even if they're be rather than hme.  (I have few-to-no Sbus
machines capable of filling a 100Mbit pipe, but a nontrivial number
that find 10Mbit limiting.)

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