[rescue] Old PC stuff

Gian-Paolo Musumeci gp at pdti.net
Sun Jul 11 16:23:18 CDT 2010

Cleaning out my basement revealed that I have a bunch of old PC parts.

- Tyan S1836 motherboard with two PII CPUs (probably 400 MHz), probably 128MB
- Intel L440GX motherboard with two PIII CPUs, no DRAM
- VA Linux (!) 2U rackmount, has a Supermicro P3TSSE with Celeron (probably
1.4 GHz), 256MB DRAM, plus some kind of hard drive
- Dell Precision 610, absolutely no idea what's in it
- 8 512MB PC2-5300F FBDIMMs (not old, but I have no use for it)
- 4 Intel 100Mbps (82558) Ethernet PCI boards
- Intel 82543 Gigabit Ethernet (multimode fiber) PCI board
- One weird PCI board: it looks like an 82557-based Ethernet board, but it has
an Intel i960 on it
- Some assorted other bits: a spare 32X CD drive, some PC3200 DRAM....
- 2 cases in various states of repair (one is a fairly nice but beaten up

No shipping (it's just not worth it).  Free to the first person who can come
and take all of it away (I'm in the SF bay area).  I make no assertions as to
whether any of this stuff works.  I just want it out of my basement, so my
girlfriend won't kill me when I try to bring home an Onyx2.  :-)  /gp

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