[rescue] Indy NVRAM DS1386

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Mon Jul 5 19:26:37 CDT 2010

    On Mon, 5 Jul 2010, Horacio Gomez wrote:

> I am not an Indy expert but I know about its command monitor. This Indy
> works very well with other NVRAM than I took from other Indy, but it
> didn't boot when I install any of the "new" 1386. There is not image,
> the window to go to command monitor doesn4t appear on the monitor, it
> is black and the disk stop after the song.

    That's why I suggested plugging in a serial console to the port
lebelled "1" on the back of the system -- that may get you options
that do not exist on your dark screen.  Very frequently -- on many
different systeme -- a serial console will give you options and
information that the graphics bits cannot,

    It's highly probable that the NVRAM image from one of your other
Indys may well be different than the one you're trying to work with
now; if the graphics card is different, it would very likely just
give a blank screen.  I have an earlier system (an IRIS Indigo) that
does that, save that it shows stuff during the boot and then goes

> Which are the boot bits inside of NVRAM.? May I correct these bits
> with my memory programmer?.

    The "boot bits" likely are not connected with the NVRAM at all
and only get their clues from the NVRAM.  If the NVRAM does not have,
or has incorrect, information then the boot process will fail.  This
includes data like the path to the secondary boot-loader and the
root partition.


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