[rescue] Sun Fire V210 drive bracket

Paul.Nutton at awe.co.uk Paul.Nutton at awe.co.uk
Thu Jul 1 08:37:50 CDT 2010

If anyone else wants some of these spud brackets (with screws) let me
know, I have a few left over from a previous project (I'm in the UK).
The V210/V240 disks also came with a heat sink (340-7269-01) but seemed
to work fine without it. Watch out for the fans on the cpu (there are
two), the only failures I had with V210 systems were one of the fans.
Cooler Master ECC-00136-02-GP is the generic part to replace the Sun P/N
370-5126-01 heat sink / fan unit, or you can replace the individual 25
mm fans (but the leads are different lengths between right and left).

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Yep, I searched a little more thoroughly and came up with one for $11
shipped (from Ohio, which is pretty close to me), which should be in
the mail today or tomorrow. Knowing that it's such a common piece of
kit made me widen my search parameters a bit.

Thanks for the info!



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