[rescue] cleaning out **must go**

Kevin Foote kevin.foote at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 06:57:04 CDT 2010

I have finally come to the realization that I don't have time in my life for
this stuff..
So I have the following up for grabs.

[ sgi Stuff ]
- o2 r5k/128m/disks on sleds/bad PS/great skins
- o200 r12k?/128m/1 drive sled/~ok~ skins
- PI 4d/20 Entry w/keyboard/decent skins
- misc Indy chassis x2

[ beige Stuff (PC) ]
- Compaq desktop 233mhz era 5g drive
- HP 486 (last used for an ipcop box)
- Compaq desktop (tower) 1.2ghz (last ran fbsd)

[ other Stuff odds / ends ]
- digital Alpha Main board w/ proc & memory (personal workstation era)
- Sun 411 boxes * 2 (i think maybe more)
- Mac PowerBook titanium era.. 500mhz dead disk, dead CD, no air card
- cisco 2514 router .. OK its old but could be of use to someone :-)

The absence price tag on all items is on purpose ;-) Please take..
((the only thing I'm looking for currently is an older 51-54 cm road/touring
bike frame))

Shipping from: zip 15701

Off list email is fine..


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