[rescue] E250, U80, and RAM

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Thu Jan 28 12:04:29 CST 2010

 Joshua Boyd wrote :

> I see that some memory kits are compatible across a E250 and a U80.  I
> also see that some kits don't seem to list both.  Is there anything is
> really not compatible with either machine (meaning they just chose not
> to qualify it), or are all sticks interchangable?
> In particular I want to move memory from a E250 to upgrade a U80 before
> trying to find a new home for the E250.

I've found them to be interchangeable for all the ones I've tried.  BTW,
I've got
a small metric butt load of memory for 220Rs and 420Rs if anybody is
(didn't check to see if it's compatible with the E250, but I suspect it


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