[rescue] PC100 Memory? Ultra 2s?

leaknoil leaknoil at comcast.net
Mon Jan 18 16:57:06 CST 2010

Just so you know the G4 macs are really picky about simms. Very few of 
ones I have tried out of PC's have worked even though they were PC100 
and should have worked in theory. It has something to do with the macs 
memory controller only being able to handle certain chip densities . 
That is what I was told anyway. PC don't care as much so, their simms 
were made with whatever was cheapest at the moment. I may just have bad 
luck but, my experience has been that if it didn't come out of another 
G4 about 90% of the time it didn't work when I tried it in a G4. Simm 
known to be good in G4 go for a premium on fleabay as well.

Phil Stracchino wrote:
> On 01/18/10 17:32, Jonathan J. M. Katz wrote:
>> All,
>> I've got a 2nd gen iMac (15" tube, firewire) that I'm getting up and
>> running. It seems to be picky about memory and only wants PC100 DIMMs.
>> Does anyone have some sitting around that need a new home? Will pay
>> shipping to 46219.
> I may be able to free up a stack of PC100 RAM *soon*.  (A friend offered
> me some Socket 939 motherboards complete with CPUs and RAM, and I'm
> planning on rebuilding a couple of machines on them that are currently
> either Socket A or Slot 1.)
>> Also, someone mentioned some Ultra 2s FFS; I still am wanting to set
>> one up as a dedicated snort/IDS box (my SS20 doesn't have enough CPU
>> for it.) Are those still out there?
> I have a dual-400MHz U2 with 512MB RAM that would welcome an honest job.
>  I don't remember what it has by way of disk.

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