[rescue] Space Shuttle Main Engine

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sun Jan 17 16:15:21 CST 2010

>    Way cool!  Cooler, actually, than a SSME.  With the Spruce
> Goose you have a "flight article"; with a SSME, you might have
> a spare part.
>    I'm half tempted to forward the NYT article link to my wife with a
> subject line of, "Can I have one. please?!"  The only problem is that
> I put a premium of actually running artifacts I collect.  SSMEs don't
> get the best fuel mileage, but the thrust-to-weight-ratio on my small
> Nissan.....!  :-)

I was thinking the same sort of thing with my wife. Maybe that would 
make the E3000 I want seem small enough to be OK...


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