[rescue] Assorted Sun systems available for pickup in Boston MA USA

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Fri Jan 15 23:16:47 CST 2010

Bryant, David S. wrote:
> Giving back to the community...
> We have the following surplus equipment available for pickup in Boston MA
> USA.
>     One Ultra 10 Desktop (430 MHz, 512 MB, Creator 3D Graphics, 9 GB SCSI, 9
>     Two E420R 4U rack-mount servers (2x450 MHz, 4GB, 2*18 GB SCSI)
>     Two V100 1U rack-mount servers (500 MHz, 1024MB, 2*40 GB IDE)
>     One V120 1U rack-mount server (648 MHz, 2*512 MB, 2*36 GB SCSI)
> Please contact me off-list for details and to arrange pickup. Shipping these
> is impractical.

While I just retired several older Sun machines myself (including a
U30), I'd like to keep my hand in on real SPARC hardware.  I'd be
interested in taking the V120, and would have practical working use for
a SCSI-equipped 1U box.  I'm relatively local, as in Gilford NH, and may
well be down in Boston this weekend anyway.

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