[rescue] Keyboard cable and mouse for DEC alpha AXP3000 needed

leaknoil leaknoil at comcast.net
Mon Jan 4 18:07:57 CST 2010

That was my thought too when I gave away my cable set.  Nothing comes 
out the serial port on these. I'm not sure they were ever intended to be 
used headless. Not even a serial console switch like on the VAXStations. 
There is a prom setting for console  but, I think it only comes into 
play after all the self tests are passed. You can run these  on a serial 
console but, you still need a keyboard attached to get that far. That's 
my take on what info is out there anyway.

John Floren wrote:
> Have you tried connecting it to a serial terminal? I think I had a
> similar problem with my Alphastation when I tried connecting it to a
> VGA monitor sans keyboard, but when I plugged in the VT220 it worked
> like a charm.

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