[rescue] Keyboard cable and mouse for DEC alpha AXP3000 needed

leaknoil leaknoil at comcast.net
Mon Jan 4 17:48:12 CST 2010

I have the tower version of the DEC AXP3000 alpha box and I want to run 
it as an OpenVMS server. Unfortunately, I didn't realize you could run 
it without the keyboard and mouse attached.  I gave away my keyboard 
cable and mouse to someone thinking I wouldn't need it. Turns out I do. 
Doesn't get past self tests without it attached.

Anyone have a spare set they can part with ? I have plenty of the 
keyboards but, not that cable with the db15 on one end and the plastic 
block where you plug in the keyboard and mouse on the other. I probably 
don't even need a mouse but, I'm not sure.

Anyone know a secret way to boot these without a keyboard ? Everything I 
found online seems to say it can't be done.


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