[rescue] Creating an archive of Sun-1 documentation (and files)

Eric Rucker bhtooefr at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 14:39:33 CST 2010


I had been looking for info, found some (a later revision of the Sun-1
reference manual than I have in that directory,) and then when I
wanted to look at it again, I couldn't find it... so I decided to
archive everything I could find.

I don't have much right now, but thought I might as well share what
I've got (all gathered from the Internet, but I wanted to get it in
one place,) as well as ask for any contributions (or mirrors - this is
being hosted off of a residential cable connection) that anyone would
like to provide.

Here's what I'm looking for:

* Any documents published by Stanford University about the Stanford
University Network hardware
* Any documents published by VLSI Systems about the SUN hardware sold
by that company
* Any documents published by Sun Microsystems about Sun-1 workstation
models with 68000 (not 68010) CPUs
*Any documents published by third parties about the above systems, or
hardware included in these systems
* Firmware for any of these systems
* Software for any of these systems, especially UniPlus V7 Unix
* High-resolution images of circuit boards, including:
     * SUN and Sun-1 68000 CPU boards
     * SUN and Sun-1 framebuffers, both monochrome and color
     * SUN and Sun-1 memory boards
     * Disk controller boards used in SUN and Sun-1 systems, including
the Interphase SMD 2180
     * Ethernet boards used in SUN and Sun-1 systems
     * Any other boards of interest for the SUN and Sun-1
* Screenshots and photographs of SUN and Sun-1 systems in operation
* Personal accounts of using SUN and Sun-1 systems

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