[rescue] Question about Mac's

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Sat Feb 20 20:41:50 CST 2010


A friend from church has some older Mac's that they'd like to get rid of.
I've already placed the G4 (a M8493) and 22inch Cinema Display (M8149 - not
an aluminum one, but
the Lexan case)  but there is a G3 (M4405) and a Mac II ci.   All of which
are in good working
condition.  The Mac II ci even has a twisted pair / AUI ethernet card....

I'm not as involved in the Mac communities as I am with the Sun, but was
if anybody here (Nadine?) could point me to where would be the best place to
folks who would be interested.  (if anybody here is interested, let me


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