[rescue] Looking to rescue a PC

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Mon Feb 15 20:41:27 CST 2010

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 03:54:17PM -0600, Jonathan Patschke wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Feb 2010, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
>> I'd consider getting a Core2 CPU in a Dell Optiplex 745.  From ebay, it
>> looks like you can get one for less than $100 for the single-core
>> version.
> I'll second that; the 745 is a decent machine, and you can toss in a Core
> 2 Quad CPU, if you're careful about selecting one with the right FSB speed
> and power requirements.  You get a reasonable array of PCIe slots if the
> onboard graphics don't do it for you, and storage isn't blazing, but it's
> perfectly reasonable.

FWIW, at work we've had trouble upgrading our Optiplex 745s from the
Dell supplied ATI cards to anything that can drive a 30" LCD panel, even
with trying to stick to low power cards from premium brands that swear
they use less than the 75w that Dell says their PCI-E x16 slot can support.

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