[rescue] Netra T1 AC200 Questions

Caleb S. Cupples cscupples at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 20:53:25 CST 2010

 I'm new to this list and new to Sun hardware, although I've been a
long-time Mac/Linux user. Anyway, I have a Netra T1 which I have come
into, and I am curious if there are any PCI video cards which are known
to work with it. My plans for the machine are to throw a pair of hard
drives into it and see what I can do with it. If not, does anyone know
how to build an RJ45 to DB9 (I'm assuming it's DB9, although I've also
heard DE9 for a standard PC serial connector) adapter, so I can use it
that way.

Thank you,
Caleb S. Cupples
Sociology Undergraduate,
Tennessee Technological University

Treasurer, TTU Unix Users Group

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