[rescue] Big computer, single phase, three phase

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Fri Feb 12 15:53:59 CST 2010

>> What do you mean? Ground them all together on the computer? It's all one
>> chassis, so there shouldn't be an issue here. Well 2 cabinets but they are
>> physically bolted together.
>> Thanks for the advice!
>> <snip>
> That's a sweet power monitor thing.
> Bonding is electrically connecting one thing to another.  Basically once the
> racks are bolted, go back with some wire braid and attach one to the other.
> Grind or sand down the area where you'll bolt the braid so you have very
> good electrical contact.  You can probably get away with bolting alone, but
> I would go the extra step.  You see this done in cars where ham radios are
> installed.  People bond the body panels and hood together and it cuts down
> on noise even though everything is already bolted together.  It makes a
> difference.

This whole thread reminds me of a .sig I've seen on Nekochan in the past:

Once you step up to the big iron, you learn all about physics, electrical
standards, and first aid - usually all in the same day

I can vouch for that :-)


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