[rescue] 50 pin high density SCSI hard drives?

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Fri Feb 12 12:22:28 CST 2010

> Why not use adapters?

In the past I seem to recall issues hooking single ended 68 pin SCSI 
drives to a single ended 50 pin controller. There are already so many 
varibles (many of which are unknown) that I don't want to introduce too 
many more.

Last night I searched, and the feeling I got was that Seagate never made 
SCSI drives with the high density 50 pin connector. All I could find were 
the IDC ribbon cable style.

IBM on the othe hand had at least one series I found (DHCS I think) that 
looked like it will work.

I'm going to have to look tonite and see how many actual scsi channels the 
VME64 IO cage has. I'm thinking I might try to run it 1 drive per SCSI 
channel. That might be 6 drives. Dunno.

Going to move the Sun Sparcstation 5 that is the master workstation for 
the system over to storage tonight, and perhaps install an old Solaris on 
it, then install the Cray stuff on it. And then look through the scripts 
and other stuff.

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