[rescue] 50 pin high density SCSI hard drives?

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu Feb 11 13:49:11 CST 2010

Hello all,

  Found out the Cray uses Interphase VME disk controllers that are single 
ended. So I'm going to be looking for around 28 3.5" SCSI hard drives.

  The tricky part is the disks have the high dessity 50 pin connector.

  Originally it had 5.25" wide full height disks (as far as I know), but
I'd like to go 3.5" drives.

  Does anyone have any model #s? Last night I was searching ebay and 
turning up lots (and lots) of 68 pin wide drives, but had a hard time 
finding the 50 pin ones that aren't IDC ribbon cables.

  I'll probably look again this weekend.

  Another thought was maybe I can find old compaq trays or something that 
had those drives in them, and maybe they will cost less.

  On the cray side, I have NO IDEA how picky it is about the disks. So far 
my understanding is the VME Sparcstation 5ish boards that run the IO to 
the disks all run VxWorks.

  It's an odd beast.

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