[rescue] Looking for a Powermac G5 Logic Board - 2.0Ghz DP

Christopher Purdy escher2 at chartermi.net
Wed Feb 10 06:32:10 CST 2010

Hey folks,

I recently acquired a PM G5 with what appears to be a bad logic board.... it
wont see the SATA drive when attached to either port, random memory errors,
random resets with black screen and fans on mach 5..... Openfirmware reports
that CPU2 is stopped and CPU 1 is running, not sure if this is an issue or

I did an install to a firewire external HDD, but it wont start off the drive
- hangs at the grey screen.  Apple HW diag reports that Logic board is fine
though, hmm...

Anyways My plan is to swap the board and then the CPU's if necessary..

So - anyone got some parts available?  This is a 2004 model - with 8 dimm
slots.  Air cooled.  I can post the board numbers if needed...


- Chris

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